About me

Orodreth (Boris Bringas), born in Barakaldo the 7th June 1991, is a Spanish beatboxer who has more than 10 years of experience in the culture. Since 2008 he made showcases and workshops all over Spain. He also took part in few competitions.

His best results are 5th position in the national contest "Mulafest beatbox battle", 3rd position in 2012 in the first edition of the "Euskal Herriko beatbox txapelketa" and 2nd position in the 2nd edition of the "Euskal Herriko beatbox txapelketa".


In 2014 he become part of the cast of “Vocapeople”, international theatre acapella group, with wich he has been performing in more than 15 countries around Asia, America and Europe.


Euskal Herriko Beatbox

Co-founder of "Euskal Herriko Beatbox", now is focused in the expansion of the beatbox all over the Basque Country making workshops, showcases and discovering and supporting new beatboxers in the scene.

Based in powerful sounds, he focuses in electronic music and covers known all over the world.

Countries he worked on