Beatbox workshops

Introduction to the Hip-hop and beatbox culture.



-Introduction to the history of Hip-hop and beatbox culture.

-Techniques and first rhythms.

-Control and understand of the rhythms through the body.

-Loopstation, what it is and how it works.

-Interaction and creation of a track among all the participants with the loopstation.


General considerations

-Each workshop has 1h length approximately.

-Recommendation of a maximum of 20 assistants for each workshop.

-The workshops can be in Enghish, Spanish or Euskera.

-It will be needed a big space (with or without chairs), a table and an electric plug close to this one.

-The price includes all the material needed.


About the workshop:

The music and the creativity are the bases of this workshop. Each one of the participants will discover there is no need of anything else but the body to make music.

With a totally participative and playful methodology, the beatbox will be use as conductor to get the next objectives:

  • Stimulation of the creativity through the music
    • Giving to each one of the participants of the workshop a musical tool with infinite possibilities to experiment with and discover new ways of artistic expression.
  • Boosting of the rhythm and the psychomotricity
    • Stablishing the body as musical instrument, the movement of this one will be used to guide through the rhythm and coordinate the voice tract to make beatbox sounds and rhythms.
  • Knowledge of new urban cultures and ways of artistic expression
    • Introducing the assistants to the Hip-Hop through the respect and the integration. Understanding this is not but a tool of artistical expression to liberate emotions, thoughts and whatever you have inside.
  • Medium table for the equipment and 220W electric plug.
  • Water and some small snack
  • Amplifier Behringer Eurolive B212D
  • Loopstation Boss Roland RC-505
  • Dynamic microphone Audix Fireball
  • Dynamic microphone CPK OT-66

More info

If you are interested in beatbox workshops don’t doubt to contact.